Frequent visual inspections will help you notice issues before they become major hassles. she chose the roofing contractor who was immediately available so that she could "get it done and be finished with it". A good contractor will take the time to thoroughly examine the site, answer any questions you may have about the job, and explain what needs to be done and why. I would highly recommend them!!!". Just because the roof wasnt leaking before the new roof was installed doesnt mean the flashing should be reused. ", ROOFER: "I'm outta here you [expletives deleted] jerk. Depending on the severity of the weather in your area, you can generally count on your roof lasting two decades or longer. @Too Many Shingles Left Over, Dont let your roofing contractor skimp on this. He installed ridge vents and intake vents around 18 inches above the gutter. We were having no issues with roof (which was older) but others of street were getting new roof via insurance companies because of hail damage. When nails are placed too high on the shingle, they are installed wrong and will tear off more easily. It is thicker and meant to provide more protection in valleys and along eaves. Or see ROOF JOB DISPUTE FAQs - questions and answers posted originally on this page. Posting image. There was no shingle side offset. Due to difficulties with finding contractors right now and the fact that I cant get anyone interested in doing a repair on this, its hard to find someone to estimate the damage. Here's a little humor showing a bad roofing job. It also can be a health issue for your family if rotten boards are left to mildew and mold over. You have options in which the contractor replaces your roof. Then you can settle your affairs with the original roofer later. That damage can become quite expensive if it causes mold contamination or a ceiling collapse. ft. and $5.50 per sq. I am very upset, we waited 8 years to afford this and had to take out a loan. You can bet they'll never work for you again, even if you assert that the color complaint is their fault. This was a $60,000 roofing job that actually had a NEGATIVE value since now, to put on a proper roof, the new roofer would first have to REMOVE all of the shingles that had just been applied, increasing the labor cost of the job. Look in the page top EXPERTS DIRECTORY or try some local home inspectors or people listing roof inspection services. We hired a roofing contractor that had done many of our neighbors roofs. The first sign of a bad roofing job is that your roof leaks after the first rain. Most often you'll have a hard time collecting from the roofer who's going to do anything rather than pay for the job twice or take a loss. They didnt show me the work when it was completed, I wonder why? Remember that more shingles are needed than just the square-foot area; added shingles are needed for hips or ridge and starter course A properly installed roof will wear in a uniform fashion. A reliable contractor will readily show you their certifications, as well as insurance info. Starter strip shingles help prevent uplift during wind. They did redo the screens but did not install them, they are in my hallway. Take that to heart and make sure you have the right amount and consistency to avoid a call back. If there were really 400 BUNDLES of shingles left over, that's still a stunning amount, enough to cover 13,320 square feet of roof. The roof is under warranty. I can't imagine your insurance company for the keep repairing damage caused by missing or improper flashing over and over again. Lets take a look at ways to determine if your roof was installed correctly and how to avoid getting into a situation where you choose the wrong contractor. Typical roofing contracts specify the exact shingle brand and model that's going to be installed. Unfortunately, youre left with a roof that wont last. The roof is about more than just shingles it requires the right hardware, which includes flashing, vents, drip edges, nails, underlayment and decking. Also, it says they wont cover any consequential damage. DF: "Sounds iffy, but someone might be trained and still not speak good English, what else? So, we have a nice new roof, and a plastic tablecloth on the sofa with a bucket on it! This brings us to the next sign of a bad roofing job; your attic isn't properly ventilated. Improper nail placement can mean that your shingles lift more easily during a strong wind. Download and use 10,000+ Roofing stock photos for free. You may have no choice but to hire someone else to do what's needed and then to collect the cost of that in small claims court against the original roofer. Legal action is not an overreaction, considering the high cost of roofing. Thank you for understanding. A referral from someone you trust can help lead you to the perfect contractor for the job. Watch out: DO NOT pay for this roofing job before it is complete or, in my experience, you'll never see the roofer again and will have to hire someone else to finish that flashing up near what looks like a hip or ridge. so (Pros & Cons of Painting vs. If you notice numerous stains, it's a sign that there are more extensive issues that could . Caulk is cheapso is grout. , ISBN-13: 978-0764330018, Low Slope Roofing, Manual of, 4th Ed., C.W. Communicate Calmly and Fairly. On 2022-09-25 by Virginia Bowen . This is a hidden roof component that youll never see. @Lisa Drew, You paid for the material so it should be yours. The conversation with the roofing contractor went like this: I walked over to a pile of wood shingle scraps and debris which the crew had swept up in the center of the client's courtyard. We called our present insurance company and they sent their insurance adjuster out to assess the situation. Photo below: a rather wavy installation of a clay tile roof in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. So let's be sure we've got the numbers right - using the Comment Box "Add Image" button you can post photos of the size of the stack of bundles of shingles left over (one photo per comment) or you can email me photos if you prefer. 6. This type of damage is completely preventable, but choosing the wrong contractor usually means that materials will be attached incorrectly because they dont follow local and/or state building codes. When you need to repair your roof or replace roof coverings on a building, the previous sections of this article give advice to assist in choosing a roofing contractor - by Jessie Srader, [edits and additions by DJF]. ISBN-13: 978-1405161039, Built-Up Roof Systems, Manual C.W. What would I be looking for? This may include measures to prevent the person from trespassing on her property. If my husband will still alive this would have been taken care of a long time ago. The roof came with a ten year warranty so our insurance company told us to get the original roofing company out here to fix the flashing and honor their warranty. On 2021-08-29 by (mod) - I should have used my neighbor's roofer. While he was doing it he was really rude and nasty at times. Water leaks may often be spotted by black stains on your roof. Be sure to discuss your concerns and to obtain a detailed, photo-documented written report that you can compare with the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer of your specific roof shingle brand and model. They accepted a 5000$ deposit and I refuse to let them come back to work on my gutters. In comparison, my shingles do not have a pattern to them, when looking for a pattern it is wavy at best. In many cases, you can avoid a bad roofing job before it happens. Ask them if they can share a few homes they recently worked on that you can drive by and inspect or view images of. What do we do now? Roof vents are part of what helps your home to breathe. Circulation throughout the home prevents moisture from collecting, which when allowed to happen will result in mold and rot. Follow this quick list to help guide your decision. Should we contact Dept of Consumer Affairs or go straight to a lawyer, On 2021-06-03 by (mod). The only way to ensure youre not going to incur leakage is to replace the old flashing with new flashing. He will not return calls and I found his license has expired. Roofer inspected ours and found hail damage. Be wary of any contractor who does not thoroughly discuss any structures, such as chimneys or skylights, which protrude through the roof. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(3406853, '86214085-ef4a-4bd3-9033-10c5566661a8', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"}); 2969 Armory Dr., Suite 300Nashville TN 37204. 1) Damaged or Missing Shingles. Thanks in advance for any consideration and assistance given in this matter. (Sorry if I posted twice, I think I deleted my first post so I rewrote it. Green Roof Construction and Maintenance, Kelley Luckett, McGraw-Hill Professional, 2009, ISBN-10: 007160880X, ISBN-13: 978-0071608800, quoting: Handbook of Building Crafts in Conservation, Jack Bower, Ed., The Slate Roof Bible, Joseph Jenkins,, On 2021-12-20 by Inspectapedia Com Moderator. today 2 men came and took the remaining shingles. Starter shingles include an adhesive strip. But before you get too upset with them I would be grateful that they actually tried to get there flashing where it belongs. If any warranties are still applicable, it is a good idea to be aware of them and what is covered before discussing the problem. The inspection is performed to determine the current performance of your roof and what, if anything . It sounds as if the job isn't finished. I cant believe I signed it! Lets start with a look at some of the worst ways roofers cut corners. I have shingled a roof before and it was actually an old barn . A roof inspection is a thorough examination of all roofing components on, or in, your home. The roofer who put these Correct nail placement is extremely important. Stains, usually dark in color, are a sign that leakage is occurring. They were supposed to replace the decking and trim for my garage attic opening, this wasnt done, they were supposed to power wash and repaint my entire back side of cement board. HOME INSPECTORS UK & OTHER COUNTRIES ", ROOFER: "Side lap offset is NOT REQUIRED. ISBN-10: 0471788368 In light of the current public health emergency and so many businesses going under, as a result - Do you think it would be possible to get a grant to pay for all or part of this roof replacement - or are we just wasting our time? All roofers should be properly licensed, and they should have no issue showing you their license. While bad roofing jobs arent extremely common, they can certainly occur from time to time. Our Comment Box is provided by Countable Web Productions, Click to Show or Hide Citations & References, This article may be printed as hard copyand redistributed at no charge, provided the web page source citation is provided. not in agreement in the amount of compensation for a poor roof job? If a contractor ever does this, run the other way because youre signing up for a bad roofing job from the very beginning. If its really bad, youll be able to see from your yard that they used multiple types of shingles. Whether this is only a cosmetic issue or whether it actually affects the shingle life depends on exactly where the joints are an individual courses of shingles and with respect to the course above and below. InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. After all, your roof protects everything inside your home, including your possessions as well as the integrity of the structure itself. 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